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Diary id:

PAR 2019/41

Employment level:

Time limited employment (temporary)


Department of Marine Sciences

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Job assignments

This temporary researcher position will contribute to addressing knowledge gaps through fine scale observations and modelling of the physical ocean environment that will assist in resolving the forcing mechanisms impacting ocean dynamics and variability, and identifying key sensitivities of the Southern Ocean to changing climatic conditions. It is expected that the candidate will be able to perform independent research, likely with an emphasis on ice-ocean interaction and dynamics of the upper ocean. The candidate will preferably combine the use of observations, modelling techniques and remotely sensed products to provide synergetic approaches to the groups research activities. In addition, the candidate will be expected to assist in building a capacity for ocean research using autonomous systems (such as ocean gliders) and other state-of-the-art observing technology in Gothenburg, as well as developing experiments designed to effectively observe the upper ocean in regions impacted by sea ice.

Specific Subject Description

Our poor knowledge of ocean physics-climate processes in the high-latitude oceans is one of the primary sources of uncertainty in global climate understanding and its future prediction. This is particularly true for the Southern Ocean where the current scarcity of observations and the uncertainty of the correct scales to measure them means we know remarkably little about key air-sea-ice interaction and its impacts on upper ocean physical-biogeochemical processes.

Specific responsibilities include (and ranked in order of importance):

  • Produce sufficient quantity and quality of peer-reviewed publications in this research topic.

  • Prepare research proposals for funding on the related science topics

  • Supervise MSc and PhD students in the related field

  • Participate in research cruises that may be of weeks to months duration in order to collect observations and/or deploy equipment

  • Participate and contribute to the activities of the oceanography group at the Department of Marine Sciences.

  • Expected skills sharing between candidate and research group, and vice versa.


Qualifications, skills and experience:


  • PhD in Physical Oceanography or closely related discipline

  • Demonstrates advanced analytical skills and data processing using appropriate software tools (e.g. Python, Matlab).

  • Demonstrates research independence and is able to work, at times, under pressure.

  • It will be highly advantageous if the candidate has experience in the following:

  • Using ocean gliders for data collection

  • Participated on research cruises and gained experience in related sea-going ocean sampling techniques

  • Ocean modeling

  • Research related to upper ocean dynamics and/or ice-ocean and/or air-sea interaction

  • Has shown enthusiasm towards public engagement and outreach activities


Name: Sebastiaan Swart, Assistant Professor

Tel: +46 72 3667672