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Postdoc in Aquatic Ecology

Postdoc in Aquatic Ecology

Ref SLU ua 2019.2.5.1-853

Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies

The Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies, SLU, Umeå, is looking for a postdoc in the project “The interactive effects of temperature and pharmaceuticals in aquatic systems” supported by Formas. Focus of the project is to study how/if water temperature modulates the effects of pharmaceuticals on aquatic wildlife, and to what extent these changes translate into ecological and/or ecosystem effects. The postdoc will study how temperature and behaviourally modifying pharmaceuticals (i.e. benzodiazepines or SSRI:s) interactively affects both individual fish as well as inter-specific interactions (i.e. predation and competition) of wild fish from northern aquatic ecosystems in a combination of lab and field-experiments.

The position is placed at the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå, Sweden. The department offers a creative and stimulating environment and perform internationally recognised basic and applied research, education and environmental monitoring in the research areas: animal ecology, aquatic ecology, molecular ecology and restoration ecology (see ). The department has a large proportion of international employees and well established national and international cooperation which gives opportunities for fruitful exchange.


The postdoc will combine large-scale field studies with controlled lab-experiments to generate knowledge regarding ecological effects in natural complex systems and unravel the mechanisms behind the behavioural effects. The project will be performed in collaboration with researchers at the department of Chemistry at Umeå University.


The applicant should hold a PhD in ecology, ecotoxicology, biology or equivalent. We are looking for a highly motivated and team-oriented candidate with documented experience in either behavioural ecology, pharmaceutical sample preparation and analysis, fish ecology and/or ecotoxicology. Documented statistical skills are a prerequisite for the position. Experience with livetrapping and caretaking of fish, active or passive transmitters as well as behavioural softwares will count as merits. A postdoctoral position is a qualifying appointment for junior researchers, intended primarily for those who have obtained a doctorate degree within three years.

Place of work:


Form of employment:

Temporary employment for 24 months.



Starting date:

1 May 2019


We welcome your application no later than 2019-03-15, use the button below.

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The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) develops the understanding and sustainable use and management of biological natural resources. The university ranks well internationally within its subject areas. SLU is a research-intensive university that also offers unique degree programmes in for example rural development and natural resource management, environmental economics, animal science and landscape architecture. 

SLU has just over 3,000 employees, 5,000 students and a turnover of SEK 3 billion. The university has invested heavily in a modern, attractive environment on its campuses in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala. 

SLU is an equal opportunity employer.

Contact person

Tomas Brodin


+46 (0)90 786 8161

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