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DR. Anders Andersson

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Anders received his PhD in 2005 at KTH after graduate studies on functional genomics. He conducted postdoctoral studies at the Karolinska Institute, UC Berkeley, and Uppsala University working on metagenomics approaches to study microbial communities of different environments. In 2010 he returned to KTH, starting his tenure track and building up a group at Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm. In 2014 he was promoted to Associate Professor. His group develops and employs meta-omics methods to explore patterns of microbial diversity and reconstruct genomes and metabolic pathways of microbes in environments ranging from the Baltic Sea to the human gut.

Keywords: metagenomics , bioinformatics , systems biology , ecology , microbiology

Themes: 1 – 3


Vesna Grujčić

Vesna received her PhD in May 2018 at University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Her research investigated predator-prey interactions at the level of microbial eukaryotes and their bacterial prey, combining comprehensive experiments, single-cell microscopic techniques and molecular methods to better understand which microbial eukaryotes are important grazers of bacteria in freshwaters.

She began her postdoc in April 2019 at SciLifeLab and KTH Royal institute of Technology. She is developing a novel method that couples together microscopy and single-cell transcriptomics of marine microbial eukaryotic plankton. Her aim is to optimize microscopic techniques including fixatives, molecular stains and permeabilization of microbial eukaryotes cells, for further single cell transcriptomic analysis. This project is in collaboration with other groups at SciLifeLabs and Stockholm University.